Albert Pujols’ Monday News and Views (originally published 5/11/09)

Good morning, Reds fans!
The home team took two out of three from the division leading Cardinals this weekend, meaning we’re only 2.5 games out of first. We almost had the sweep, but a tenth-inning meltdown on offense and defense did us in. Of course, we would have won without a homerun off the bat of the nefarious Albert Pujols. He’s been destroying the National League (and the Reds, in particular) for his entire career. 
But if, like me, you’re tempted to boo “Prince Albert” the next time he visits GABP, remember that he’s a champion for people living with disabilities. He started his foundation in honor of his daughter, Isabella, who was born with Down syndrome.

OK…so maybe you should still boo him, as only true Reds fans would do, but just boo quietly. In Albert’s honor, we’ll kick off our inaugural Monday News and Views, what I anticipate will be a weekly roundup of articles of interest from all over the country:

1. Sent to me by Dr. Steve Sunderland from UC’s Peace Village, a wonderful article in the Washington Post about a young man going off to college. This one made me giggle as I read it. (Note: If you need to register to read the article, as I did, I recommend using, which gives you fake usernames that you can use to log in. Helps decrease the amount of spam in the ol’ inbox!)

2. An article out of Cleveland about Just-A-Buck stores creating jobs for people with diabilities. Looks like there’s one in West Chester, as well, so if any of my Butler County friends have visited that location, please let us know in the comments if they’re also providing work opportunities. Would love to support them with our business, if so!

3. This article from Michigan shows the impact Erin Riehle and the wonderful people at Project Search have had in helping businesses open jobs to people with disabilities. I’ve always been proud that Project Search is from Cincinnati and has made such a difference in people’s lives all over the country!

*Tip of the hat to KSR for the MN&V format!
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