Melodic Connections (originally published 2/23/09)

So about six or seven years ago, I met Betsey Zenk, when she came into Starfire to volunteer. Since that time, she’s spent her time combining two of her passions (people with disabilities and music) by teaching music lessons for kids with all different levels of ability.

She and I reconnected in 2008 and she has started a music therapy program called Melodic Connections.

They were in need of space for their lessons, and their timing fits perfectly into our schedule, so starting in April, Betsey will be teaching lessons at Starfire! Should be nice to fill up the hallways with music. I hope someone learns Pachelbel’s Canon in D. I could listen to that all day.

The Enquirer did a terrific piece on Betsey and one of her students, Latron Dodd, this weekend.

They also did a video. Check it out!

An aside: Sue Radabaugh, the Director of Stepping Stones, also mentioned Mimi Sinclair, who has been doing Music Therapy in Cincinnati for years. I hadn’t heard of her previously, but took the opportunity to look her up. Maybe there’s a way these two could work together…on a concerto…of Canon in D…for me!

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