Real Cool #1 (originally published 5/8/09)

I love action. Talking about issues and ideas definitely have their place, but my interest is where the rubber hits the road.

A couple of weeks ago, we were talking about how neat it would be if we could somehow get our Starfire U members to be a part of the Student Philanthropy Projects around town. Basically, the projects involve a funder giving a class of high school or college students money to give out to community organizations. The students then research non-profits, interview them, review proposals for the money, and make the final decision of where to give the grant.

I floated the idea to a few local funders and got in touch with Roger Grein, who loved the idea of including people with disabilities in the project…especially since he himself grew up intimately familiar with cerebral palsy.

The day I spoke to Roger, Steve Elliott from the Mayerson Foundation, was coming in to talk about service to Starfire U, so I grabbed him and talked to him about the idea.

Through his contacts and some incredible work by Candice Jones, we’ve gotten the ball rolling on this and have identified a potential partner school, meaning it will be inclusive. We’ve still got plenty of planning to go, but at least step one has been taken on something I think has many potential benefits to the community at large, our members at Starfire, and the students we’ll be partnering with. I’ll give an update on the project as we move along….stay tuned!

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