The Donovan installation and Disability (originally published 4/17/09)

On Wednesday, I took all the Starfire staff on an excursion around Cincinnati. It was a day to re-connect with our mission and talk about where we see our work going in the future.

One of our stops was the Contemporary Arts Center.

I wanted them to experience the work of Tara Donovan. I am simply amazed by her sculptures, which utilize everyday objects (toothpicks, straws, cups, ribbon, tape) en masse to create the most beautiful landscapes.

I believe her art says something about the things our society values, the role that imperfections play in the beauty of the whole, community building, and the unique gifts we each have to offer. In short, it is extremely relevant to any conversation involving people with disabilities.

The exhibit is only open until May 3. Make sure you go see it, and I dare you not to smile uncontrollably when you see the wall of plastic straws!

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