Have you watched Glee yet?

I’ll admit to being skeptical at first, but it’s a really good show.  And they really do well with the roles that people with disabilities play in the stories. 

Obviously, Artie (Kevin McHale – but not the Celtic!) is a big part of the Glee Club, so you’ve got one of the main characters repping, but there are two other characters who they’ve highlighted as well:

Becky (Lauren Potter) tries out for the Cheerios.  Sue (pic above) is tough on her (criticizes her, runs her through tough drills, blah blah) and has high expectations.  At first, we think Sue’s being mean, but then we discover that her sister Jean (Robin Trocki) has Down syndrome as well, and we get it:  Sue’s just being fair and being a harda$$ on Becky like she is on everyone else!  Oh, and Becky makes the team on her own talents.

Jean has popped up in a few other episodes and is kind of a confidant to Sue.  It’s a cool side to see…Sue’s sister taking care of her. 

And unlike Artie, Becky and Jean are played by actors with a disability.  What’s the matter, Fox, you couldn’t find anyone who uses a wheelchair and sings?

Anyway, check it out, I promise you’ll enjoy it.

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One Response to Glee

  1. Jenny Taylor says:

    I love Glee! Becky the cheerleader is awesome. I am actually glad Sue treats Becky how she does- just like everyone else. I think it’s a good example (albeit not in reality, cause what high school coach acts like that?! haha) for everyone on how we all have the same goals and wants.

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