Marge Schott’s Weekend News & Views

Last night, the Reds celebrated the 20th anniversary of their 1990 World Series.  M.C. Hammer is in town along with the Nasty Boys and Chris Sabo.  But I haven’t heard much about the architect – Marge Schott. 

Say what you will about Marge, but she brought us a World Series and no one can deny her love for the Reds.  At the beginning of the 1990 season, the Reds won their first 9 games.  I went with some friends to see them play the Braves in game #10.  It was a Sunday afternoon and they were giving out team photos.  The Reds lost, but we got to meet Marge and she autographed our pictures, complete with Schottzie’s paw print.  So now I’ve got a “To Tim” autograph from Marge on the World Series team photo hanging in the room at Starfire that her foundation sponsored.  

So as we celebrate the Wire-To-Wire team from 1990, let’s not forget the woman who made it possible! 

On to a few quick links you may be interested in:

  • Citybeat has a great article previewing an Antonio Adams show at Thunder-Sky, Inc.  Terrific thoughts on the problems with labels by Keith Banner and an excellent job by the writer, who asks why it’s necessary to even discuss disability in the context of art.   
  • A new Political Action Committee focused on Disability Power and Pride….I wonder if they’ll get involved in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race?
  • A story out of Columbus (with Michael Rench quotes!) about the difficulties of people with autism in finding jobs.  As my friend Diana would say, it’s all about relationships!!!
  • A new study out of Britain says that people with disabilities are the group most discriminated against in society. 
  • Speaking of Cleveland, an employee of Anthony Wayne Services was arrested for stealing thousands of dollars from the people he was supposed to be supporting. 
  • I’m sorry, but does a “special needs subdivision” really sound like a good idea to anyone?  If it works, maybe we could then just have a whole city, just for people with disabilities.  Perhaps their own state?  Anyone with me?  Anyone?
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One Response to Marge Schott’s Weekend News & Views

  1. Jenny says:

    great people first language in that City Beat article!

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