I recently read the following on a Yahoo! News feed that I get sent to my email from time to time.  Usually it contains silly lists like the top 5 things you need to know about your house, or 7 signs you know he’s into you, or the 30 must-have accessories of fall… Generally, I delete them but this one was about work life balance, a topic on my mind lately.  Though it’s targeted at working mothers, I think it applies to all of us, enjoy:

“Stop thinking of yourself as split into separate but equal roles: mother, worker, me. Listen to philosopher John Locke, who said that a person recognizes himself as the same being throughout his life, in different times and places. You are one person, indivisible, who just happens to wear many hats. And while I get that the weight of all those hats can wear you down, at least be happy you’ve got something important to do.”


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One Response to Hats

  1. Jack Pealer says:

    Check out http://www.debonothinkingsystems.com/tools/6hats.htm for Ed deBono’s Six Thinking Hats, used often by Jack Pearpoint and Marcia Forrest.

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