Your Stories…

On Monday, March 7th we will ask a room of banquet attendees to blog their responses to a series of questions about relationships, invitation, and community.  In the comment section, you will find their responses. 

Here were the questions:

What difference does it make when people know your name or who you are?
Who is one person in your life that you have a special relationship with?  Why is it special?When have you been invited into someone’s life?  What was the invitation?
Tell about a time when met someone unexpectedly and it became a friendship.
Where in your community do you most feel welcome?
Where in your neighborhood are your gifts valued?
Who gives meaning to what you do?


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One Response to Your Stories…

  1. Krista says:

    I am very fortunate to be a part of this beautiful community. When I speak of community, of course, I mean the type of place where you are loved for your flaws just as much as you are loved for your strengths. This just happens to be a place where your strengths always shine brighter than anything you could ever lack. I anxiously await everyone’s story. Each person has a story to share. Each person is worth their story in gold. I have hundreds of stories to share with you.
    You first . . .

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