My sweet friend next door

Here’s a story from last week, as told by staff and members, the community and myself:

Onlookers kept watch from the common room at Starfire as the downpour outside showed no signs of letting up. It was service week, and a group of Starfire U juniors and visitors from a local high school watched as it rained on their plans to do a trash cleanup.
As back-up, they decided to do “guerilla service work,” a concept founded on Starfire’s “Give” project. “Give” is a way of giving back to people we know and the community we belong to through random acts of kindness.

“It’s always good to do service work for organizations,” said Brandy, Starfire U staff. “But if we do things on a more personal level you can get deep. You build relationships that way.”
That’s when Brandy offered the suggestion for the group to create their own flower arrangements and surprise neighbors and friends with them. The group took to the idea and set off on their service mission.

“Kasey (Starfire U junior) was really wanting her mom to know how much she appreciated her,” explained Erica, Starfire U staff. “Then she just said, ‘I need to give these to my neighbor as well.’ But I didn’t realize, she didn’t say it was her neighbor’s birthday.”
“We left the flowers on my neighbor’s doorstep,” Kasey said, explaining that her neighbor was not home when the flowers were delivered. “I told her thank you.”

Later, Kasey’s neighbor wrote this message:
“I have been smiling all night, thinking of my sweet friend next door who wanted to make my birthday extra special…she succeeded! Such a thoughtful, perfect gesture, and it’s one that I will always remember. When is her birthday…I might need to return that favor.”



About katiebachmeyer

I like to collect stuff. But non-material stuff-- like friendships, stories, and wisdom from older people with smile wrinkles. This kind of stuff isn't always well organized or labeled in boxes, but it makes up who I am.
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