Thank You, Mark Zuckerberg

Lauren sent me Mark Zuckerberg’s IPO letter and said it was wonderful.  Neither of us being techy-nerds, I read it out of curiousity.  What was so wonderfully written by the man who had rolled out “Timeline,” a feature that has 18 year old me, embarrasing 26 year old me since everything ever posted, tagged, captured is all there to see in all its immature college-aged glory sorted by year, and month, and timestamped?

But I read it, read it again, and then plagiarized it with Starfire’s information.  I think it helps explain a lot of what we’re about, what we believe, and why we’re doing things like offering membership to everyone, why we care about people being seen as valued, having friends and being a friend, being loved, and loveable, being a citizen. 

I’ve highlighted the parts I’ve changed.  The plain text (non-highlited words) are Mark’s original words.  The highlighted is Starfire’s story put in.

You can read Mark’s original, full text here, if you’re curious.


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3 Responses to Thank You, Mark Zuckerberg

  1. katiebachmeyer says:

    soooo perfect!! Thanks Candice!!

  2. john romer says:

    Wow! That is such an awesomely wonderful plagazised document – whch really nails the Starfire I know and love (even from afar sometimes!) Very, very powerful Candice – on so many, many levels…….makes me think of the current Art Show hanging somewhere now here in The “Nati – that is all “copies” and a tribute to the Masters! You all really got it! …..and don’t let anyone, anytime tell you any differently! John

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