News & Views: August 15, 2012


  • JC (Jamie) Covert completed his Capstone Project on August 11th at the Crossroads ANNEX, where he and his committee pulled off a successful motorcycle, trucks, and car show.  Food trucks were on site along with live music and a DJ.  Awards were given out to the top 25 entries.  Photos from the event can be found on Facebook.

  • It grows increasingly more difficult to make new friends after the age of 30, according to a New York Times article, “Friends of a Certain Age” “In studies of peer groups, Laura L. Carstensen, a psychology professor who is the director of the Stanford Center on Longevity in California, observed that people tended to interact with fewer people as they moved toward midlife, but that they grew closer to the friends they already had.”
  • Huffington post recently featured the article:  “My Child’s Dream: To Have Friends,” written by a mother of a child with an intellectual disability. “If the parents and brothers and sisters of our children have meaningful relationships with them — why can’t anyone else?”


Social Capital Blog

  • Social capital is a powerful resource for individuals and communities.  For individuals embedded in dense social networks, these networks and the attendant norms of trust and reciprocity strongly shape individuals’ ability to land jobs, earn higher salaries, and be happier and healthier.  But, even for those not in the networks, having neighbors who know and trust one another affords benefits in some domains:  better performing local government, safer streets, faster economic growth and better performing schools, among other public goods.”

Tiffs Movies

  • Tiff is a 4th year member at Starfire U, with a knack for movie reviews. Check it out!

Queen City Discovery

  • Candice Jones Peelman, Starfire Connector, was featured recently describing a walk around her neighborhood, Madisonville.

About leahincincy

Leah is a lover of all things social, and focuses her energy on building relationships and community. She tries her best to knit, read novels, cook occasionally, and watch Breaking Bad. She's not from Cincinnati, but really enjoys the culture, vibes, and people of the Queen City.
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