News & Views: August 24, 2012


  • Scientist and livestock equipment designer, Temple Grandin‘s advice to educators for children who have autism: focus on strengths.
  • Pat Worth had been labeled retarded as a child and was living on a park bench when he decided to organize people who shared his experience. The organization he formed is now known as People FirstIn this video, John tells the story of traveling across Canada with Pat, organizing local People First chapters with him, and talks about the unforgettable lesson he learned from something Pat said on that trip: We don’t need services; we need community.

  • How can Cincinnati become a better city by focusing on neighborhoods? More farmers markets and fewer fast-food restaurants. More housing above storefronts and fewer four-family apartment buildings. More pedestrian options such as inclines and fewer one-way streets. Plan Cincinnati is a comprehensive document that will serve as a long-range plan to guide and manage growth, protect the environment and influence future development in our City.


  • Cinciknitti is a community group of hobbyists and fiber artists who gather weekly to enjoy the company of one other, get tips on crafts, and explore new projects together. Their blog tells the story of Adventure Saturdays, craft happenings in Cincy, and new projects they are working on.

  • Al Etmanski is an author, blogger, advocate and social entrepreneur specializing in innovative, multi-sector solutions to complex societal challenges. He is currently a partner in the J W McConnell Family Foundation’s,Social Innovation Generation (SIG). SiG is dedicated to scaling up innovative solutions to deeply rooted social problems and exploring new methods of financing the social sector. Al writes about John McKnight and Peter Block’s work in the Abundant Community.

About leahincincy

Leah is a lover of all things social, and focuses her energy on building relationships and community. She tries her best to knit, read novels, cook occasionally, and watch Breaking Bad. She's not from Cincinnati, but really enjoys the culture, vibes, and people of the Queen City.
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