National Day of Listening – November 23rd

So, apparently, the National Day of Listening is Nov 23rd.  Fittingly enough, the day after Thanksgiving, the day of which, many of us find ourselves in relatives living rooms, at the dinner table, in the kitchen, talking to people we might not get to see very frequently.  For the National Day of Listening, we’re asking everyone to do a 5-15 minute audio recorded conversation with someone.

Ask someone you care about to answer a few questions while you audio record.  Pick a quiet place.  Give time for the person to respond, but try to make it a brief interview. Either before the interview or after, ask the person you’re interviewing to share with you their favorite photograph of themselves or if they mind if you snap one of them, and we’ll post it with their audio recording.  If the picture they give is unique or tells a funny story, ask the person to share the story of the photo with you!

Choose questions to ask from the examples below, or make up your own!  Have fun!  If they know about Starfire, ask some of the “Starfire” questions.  If not, that’s okay, too!

Example Questions:

What if your potential best friend lived on your block and you never knew it? What would you do differently to make sure this connection would not get lost?

What shaped your view of citizens with disabilities before Starfire?  How is your mindset about people with disabilities different than it was before Starfire?

How would you measure or quantify what you would call a “good life”?

How many neighbors do you know by name?  How much time have you spent in their living rooms and front porches?

How can we keep each other safe?  Is the responsibility of systems or citizens?  Both?

Can you get an education from the people and places around you?  Or do you have to take out a bunch of loans to become wise?

Is it weird to talk to people who cross your path throughout your day?  Does it matter if it is weird?

How can non-profits be more careful and not usurp the power of community to respond to the challenges we all face individually and together?

Has technology made us all mindless zombies or created vibrant connections amongst a previously disconnected world?

Were the “good old days” really that good?  (ask someone who is 60 plus)

Do we all have a little voice in our head telling us we’re not good enough?  How do we accept that in ourselves and each other so that we can move past it?

How can we help facilitate more love and patience in the world?

Where is the right balance between stability and risk?  Between innovation and stagnation?

What is the most innovative work you have seen being done at Starfire?

What do you tell people about Starfire who have never heard of it before?

  • Look for stories here and on Cowbird soon!

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