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Research on Researchers is a great article featured on fellow WordPress Blog, 101 Friends.  An excerpt:

“The thing that will make the single biggest difference in this child’s life and in yours, is the degree to which she is surrounded by a circle of people who know her, love her, aren’t afraid to touch her and be touched by her, and know that they will be part of her life and she will be part of their lives, forever. Every decision that you make from here on in needs to be viewed through the lens of whether a particular course of action will her away from that circle or bring it closer to her.  And that can start today.”

RSA has a great animated video on the power of Outrospection and Empathy:

And a powerful article about family, and being present:

“…he laid his head on my shoulder and left it there for the remainder of the interview. I bore the weight of my brother’s head on my shoulder as best I could, for as long as I could. It wasn’t much, but it was something.”

Also, well worth the listen “Neighborhood Connections Key to Surviving Crisis” featured on NPR.  Social Connections Key To Survival

Have you read a powerful article or book recently?  Listened to a podcost that made you think, question, or share with others?  Is there a newspaper article that spoke to you?  Infuriated you?  Made you hopeful?  Is there a book out there that changed your thinking?  Changed your attitude?  Changed your life?

Share it in the comment section here.


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