2014, A Collaboration Preview: Part 2

Here are four more collaboration projects in the works as we speak.  Catch the goodness in 2014.  If you are interested in one of the projects featured below, or know someone who might be, please contact Candice@starfirecouncil.org to get connected to these committees and projects.



Over the past couple of months, Margot and others have been crafting the idea of pop-up storytelling sessions in Cincinnati.  As a movie fan, Margot commented that she loves seeing movies because of the unique story each one tells.  Using the shared love of a good story, a committee of people including Margot are creating a free, welcoming, accessible space for ordinary people to share their extraordinary stories.  Recognizing that everyone has a story to tell, and everyone is an expert in their own story, the pop-up events will feature five storytellers each night.  The first of these gatherings is taking place Thursday, January 16th at Awakenings Coffee & Wine.  Time TBD.  Come hear five stories from neighbors and, if willing, put your name in a hat to be a “walk on” storyteller.



As a lifelong Westsider, Evan, like many Westsiders, is passionate about local sports.  Seeing the opportunity to meet many more people who also carry Westside pride in their hearts, Evan, with the help of neighbors and family members is working on bringing a three-on-three basketball tournament to his neighborhood.  Teams will register for the tournament, playing competitively against neighbors and friends for bragging rights and a possible tournament t-shirt.  Funds raised from the tournament will go to support a local Westside sports teams or organization.



Jordan has been a dedicated follower of Glee for years.  As a pop music fan, he, like many, enjoys hearing choirs sing his favorite pop songs.  This Friday evening will kick off Sing! Cincinnati, a new community choir bringing singers, and music enthusiasts together.  Prior involvement in a choral group is not required to join Sing! Cincinnati.  The committee is looking for anyone who loves to sing to come and sing their hearts out together.  You can join in the spirit or catch them for their debut this Friday, December 20th from 8-9PM on Fountain Square.



JR, a Blue Ash resident, has always enjoyed mindfulness and the state of reflection and relaxation he finds through meditation.  At a recent neighborhood project planning night, he and seven other citizens developed a 3-part mission statement: to practice “active listening” to diverse musical genres as a means of accomplishing heightened sensibility; to rely on music to assist in the practice of meditation, which will increase peace and awareness within our personal lives and to share our passion for music with each other, and eventually, to project our efforts into the larger community of Blue Ash.  By inviting in local meditation and mindfulness leaders and area musicians whose music can lend to the practice of meditation, the Music & Meditation group is starting their monthly meet-ups the third week of January.

Keep checking back to see more collaborations in the works for 2014 and to join in on something that sparks your interest.


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