April Learning Labs


Local Learning Lab

Local Learning Lab

*What is a Local Learning Lab?* Monthly meet-ups to learn from local citizens. Always FREE and always open to the public!

*Why should I be there?* To learn something of interest to you, or just to meet your neighbors!

*What’s the night look like?* We’ll start with a potluck! Bring a dish to share!  Then we will break out into FREE classes (did we mention they’re free?). You can choose between any of the offered classes! Afterward, we will join back together and hear any ideas for the next Learning Labs.

*What should I bring?* Just a dish to share for the potluck!  Our meal is made up of whatever shows up.  Bring something you like.  If you’re working on something (a project, an idea) bring it along!

*How were these classes chosen?* We let YOU decide them at our monthly gatherings. We then go out in search of the best people in Cincinnati who will teach these topics!

Here are April’s offerings!

Price Hill

Price Hill

Tuesday, April 8th
at Heritage Community Church in Price Hill
(4431 Glenway Ave, 45205)
6-8PM Potluck & Learning Lab.
Bring a dish and jump in a class that interests you!



Wednesday, April 16th
at McKie Community Center in Northside
(1655 Chase Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45223)
6-8PM Potluck & Learning Lab.
Bring a dish and jump in a class that interests you!

Catch the Silverton Learning Lab back in action on May 15th…

*Who can I talk to to learn more?*
Northside: Sarah@starfirecouncil.org
Price Hill: Danyetta@starfirecouncil.org



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