Quilting Together – Andrea’s Story (Starfire Video)

Maryann: You can present your quilt to Carolyn

Andrea learned to quilt in Mary Ann’s home sewing room

Carolyn: This is awesome are you happy with it?

Maryann: When she saw this quilt coming together she started dancing. I said “stop dancing, and get sewing.”

Carolyn: That’s why we as quilters- that’s why we get hung up on it because we now know what the finished product can look like and were like. “Okay keep working, keep working.”

Maryann: Does it feel happy that you did all the hard work, all those hard days sitting there sewing and then you saw it all come together?

Andrea: Umhm

Maryann: And now you get to bring it into this wonderful place to have it quilted. This was a smaller simpler quilt because it was her first quilt and even that quilt was a lot of work don’t you think?It’s been a good experience I’m so proud of her.

March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month. This story is part of NACDD’s ‘Learning Side by Side’ series. Follow us on social media to see all of our stories throughout the month!

Learn more: http://www.starfirecouncil.org


About katiebachmeyer

I like to collect stuff. But non-material stuff-- like friendships, stories, and wisdom from older people with smile wrinkles. This kind of stuff isn't always well organized or labeled in boxes, but it makes up who I am.
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