Sam ties her new network of seamstresses to a cause. (Starfire Video)

Sam’s Story

Sam: We’re making baby bibs and burp clothes at silk road textiles for healthy moms and babes.

This year, Sam organized a group of women to make items for at risk moms and babies and enlisted her zumba classmates to donate baby items.

Sasha: I like that it’s staying in the community. You know it’s going to stay right here and help people around us. The best thing about Sam is just she’s so resilient, she doesn’t get frustrated she’s like “okay I will try again.”

Bridget: She took sewing classes at silk road textiles and she really enjoys sewing. So we saw this as an option to keep up the sewing skills and also to meet more people that enjoyed sewing

Sam: Thank you so much just for coming to help- see you the next time

Terry: Sam brings such joy and enthusiasm with her. So she’s part of the fabric of who we are, you know we knit stuff but we also knit community. Sounds kind of cheesy but it’s true.

Katie: What are you really looking forward to still?

 Sam: Helping them out, so like giving them their stuff. What we’re donating.

Wow! This is amazing! Thank you!

Sam continues sewing with the women at silk road textiles and collecting baby items to donate.

March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month. This story is part of NACDD’s ‘Learning Side by Side’ #DDawareness17 series. Follow us on social media to see all of our stories throughout the month!

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