Integrated Employment Series #2

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Spencer’s Job at Local Donut Shop

job quotes

“I’m ready to move into a community job. I feel pretty happy about leaving the workshop. I’m ready to go out into the community, and prove to them that I can go out in the community. I can make more money, work more hours, have much more fun, I love that. I’m excited I get to work with good people, and bring my food work ethic and enthusiasm to the table. It’s who I am. I get to show them what I’m made of.”

Danny’s Job at his Local Pub

“It’s good here. I like helping other people. I think it’s really nice to see all my friends here. My favorite part of the job is making money.”

Erika’s Job as a Teacher Assistant at a Daycare


“After the interview, I was thinking very positive. I felt nervous, but I felt like I had this. They called and said “Hey, by the way, congratulations you got the job. Would you like to come in to pick up your paperwork?” My job is to work with other teachers and if the other classrooms need help, I’m there. I see a brighter future for myself here.
Having a new experience come into my life, it’s like having a newborn baby. I’m happy. It’s exciting. I’m looking forward to learning anything new. Learning is the key thing for me, so I know how to run the daycare with them.”

Mike’s job at Custom Cabinetry Business



Chris’ Job at Downtown Bike Share


“There’s a ton of things to do around here, and there were a lot of things that we would love to be doing but that were falling through the cracks or we weren’t able to take care of – and Chris has knocked that out for us. It’s been a huge help for us  – it’s provided a much cleaner shop and it’s allowed us to clean more bikes and keep the quality and the cleanliness of the bikes better. What we found at RedBike to really find that there’s a ton of opportunities for Chris to have a big impact, and he has.”

Joe’s Dream Job at the Zoo

job quotes-5

When I got in it was kind of exciting – really exciting. The main job I always wanted to have was to have a job at the zoo – and now I have it. But I’m still hoping to grow. I’m hoping to learn – to get some experiences. And I’m trying to get involved in some more stuff there. They have these internships — all different kinds of internships: feeding the animals, taking care of plants, teaching kids about animals in school groups, doing stuff like that. I’m in the process of reaching out. I’m happy about being here. I feel like it’s a good environment.


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