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A list of articles we’ve found helpful, challenging, and thoughtful.  And articles we may have mentioned in previous blog posts.  New articles and links shared will be added to the top of this list

friends project Human Services Research and Development Center

Genius of the Principle of Normalization, John O’Brien

Error, Ignorance, and Fallibility, John O’Brien

PATH, MAP, and graphic facilitation workbook, Jack Pearpoint and Linda Kahn

Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), John McKnight

Social Role Valorization (SRV) by Wolf Wolfensburger , overview by Joe Osburn

L’Arche Daily Thoughts, Jean Vanier

Citizen Advocacy, Tom Kohler and Susan Earl

Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community, Tom Kohler and Susan Earl

Who Holds Your Story, David Pitonyak

Supporting Social Roles: A Second Bottom Line for Services to People with Developmental Disabilities, John O’Brien

Reflecting on Social Roles: Identifying Opportunities to Support Personal Freedom & Social Integration, John O’Brien

A Tune Beyond Us, Yet Ourselves: Power Sharing Between People With Substantial Disabilities and Their Assistants, John O’Brien and Connie Lyle O’Brien

A View From the Back Window: An Image of Non-Belonging, Jack Pealer

Pathfinding With Personal Futures Planning, Connie Lyle O’Brien, Beth Mount, and John O’Brien

The Myth of Transition: Contractualizing Disability in the Sheltered Workshop, Michael Gill

Lost and Found: An Integration Story, Milton Tyree

The Gift of Hospitality: Opening the Doors of Community Life to People with Disabilities, Mary O’Connell

Telling New Stories The Search for Capacity Among People with Severe Handicaps, John O’Brien and Beth Mount


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