Start Here– If You’re New Here

Welcome to Cincibility.

It’s likely that you clicked a link posted somewhere, maybe a friend shared a post with an interesting title or a photo.  Perhaps you found us on Twitter, on Facebook, or Instagram, and now find yourself in a blog that spans a few years.

Perhaps you’re thinking, where to start?  What is this blog about?  Can someone put what I’m reading in context?

Sure.  For starters, we’re happy you’re here, however you got here.  It means you’re a part of a bigger conversation about Cincinnati, and about inclusion.

First, read about what we’ve learned about the social isolation of people with disabilities, and check out this visual representation.

Then, read about what we can do about it.

While you’re at it, leave a comment and join the conversation.


3 Responses to Start Here– If You’re New Here

  1. Phumelele says:

    i would like to sign up in facebook but i don’t know how

  2. Hello — click this link: and “like” Starfire on facebook to follow Cincibility that way.

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